At Hawthorn, we believe in creating relationships built on trust and acting as experienced guides for the next generation. Our legacy planning and wealth coaching combines unique advisory resources and talents to help you focus on what you value before you focus on the value of what you own. We start by developing purposeful, multi-generational plans that capture life stories and lessons. This discernment process provides an opportunity to discover heartfelt needs and considerations, beyond what is represented on a balance sheet, and transform this information into understanding. In this way, our customized educational programs for all members of your family underscore your values, mission and financial goals. All programs are age and knowledge-appropriate and cover a range of issues, from investment basics to money management to family dynamics. Hawthorn legacy planning and wealth coaches, along with your designated advisors, conduct the educational sessions.

Through sustained and early education, Hawthorn helps to provide the next generation with a solid platform for good decision-making that will help sustain your wealth and legacy.