Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Portfolio Strategy

1600 Market Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

P 215.585.8640

John Ravalli is senior vice president and managing director of Risk and Quantitative Analysis for Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth®, which is a business dedicated to serving the needs of ultra-affluent families with investable assets in excess of $20 million.

Prior to joining Hawthorn in 2010, Mr. Ravalli was a portfolio manager and responsible for a team managing a quantitative long/short, market neutral strategy at Moore Capital Management.

Mr. Ravalli spent a decade at Fiduciary Trust International (which was acquired by Franklin Templeton in 2001) where he created the risk department, was chief risk officer, head of Portfolio Strategy, and head of quantitative strategies for Franklin Templeton Institutional/Fiduciary Global Advisors. Mr. Ravalli created and was responsible for the development and the integration of market investment risk management and asset allocation tools and models used in portfolio construction and quantitative analysis. Using these tools, he oversaw risk management for assets in excess of $100 billion. Mr. Ravalli was a member of the Executive and Risk Committees, and was the president and CEO of Fiduciary Financial Services, a wholly owned brokerage subsidiary.

Prior to Fiduciary Trust International/Franklin Templeton, Mr. Ravalli held various positions at PaineWebber Incorporated, and it’s asset management subsidiary Mitchell Hutchins Asset Management for 8 years, as portfolio manager, risk manager and controller in NYC, London and Puerto Rico. Prior to that he was a financial analyst at Dean Witter and EF Hutton.

Mr. Ravalli received a bachelor of science degree from St. John’s University, holds a certificate in risk management from New York University and MBA from Rutgers Business School. Mr. Ravalli has published several articles on risk management and presented at conferences internationally. He is a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals, and the Society of Quantitative Analysts.