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Multifamily REITs: Stronger for Longer

This issue of Strategy Insights takes a deep dive into real estate, focusing on the multifamily industry, and reviews how we believe the asset class is likely to behave. Download PDF »

Artwork & Your Legacy: Important Choices for Your Collection

Deciding what to do with your artwork is a personal, complex decision, we present a clear picture of options and the benefits and challenges of each course of action. Download PDF »


Video: We Keep Wealthy Families Wealthy

Thomas P. Melcher, Executive Vice President and Managing Executive, discusses Hawthorn's integral Client Promise to ultra high-net worth families.
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Creating a Legacy Inspired by Philanthropy
Join us for a conversation about legacy, philanthropy and key considerations for aligning the two.

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At Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth®, one of the country's largest and most successful multi-family offices, we are committed to helping you build your legacy, while easing the complexities of considerable wealth through our integrated approach.*

Hawthorn is able to serve your entire spectrum of needs including:

As a part of one of the largest and most trusted financial institutions, The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. we have a more than 160-year history of helping distinguished clients like you articulate your joys and manage your responsibilities. Read on and see how Hawthorn can help you build a legacy that lasts.

*Bloomberg Markets, September 2013


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